Supporting you to pause paws and reflect when you’re at the end of your leash

Senior dogs have needs that become only more challenging with time.

Our mission at The WOOF Line is to provide you with support and tips that will allow you to care for your aging dog until their final days. So if you’re seeing your dog’s health decline, remember that options may very well be available. You’re not alone!

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Couch Ramp for Dogs

Is your senior dog struggling to climb onto the couch now that his back legs are weaker than before? Or maybe you’re looking to assist a shorter legged pup (Corgis!) who has trouble jumping off a higher surface? Even for healthy young dogs, jump…

Unleash the Benefits of Golden Paste for Your Dog

In this article, we will explore the wonders of golden paste and how it can unleash a world of health benefits for your beloved pet.

Exercises for Elderly Dogs with Weak Back Legs

These exercises will help get your dog moving better by introducing the basics of joint movement, balance and strength.

How to Trim Black Dog Nails on Senior Pups

It’s not easy to find the quick of your dog’s nails, especially when they’re black. But it IS important to keep at it to keep their nails nice and short; not only will having short nails prevent posture and joint issues as they get o…

How to Treat a Dog with Anxiety (Naturally)

As dogs age, they can become more susceptible to anxiety. Here are some natural ways for you to help reduce their stress.

In Memory of Our Senior Dogs

Facing the challenge of tending to the needs of a senior dog, while balancing a full life, may seem daunting and scary. But you’re not alone. Be inspired by fellow pet parents who have cared for and said goodbye to their fur babies at our “In Memory Of” area where we share stories of other senior dogs and their loving owners.

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