Anti Slip Spray, Paw Grips for Dogs, and other ways to Stop Slipping

As your dog’s back legs get weaker, giving them trouble maintaining balance and mobility, you might notice them slipping on surfaces. There are several easy things or combinations of things to give better paw grips for dogs, and provide traction. We’ll explore them below.

Paw grip wax or spray

If you notice your dog starting to slip slightly while on a non-carpeted surface, paw wax or this professional anti-slip spray used by show dogs might do the trick. If you opt for wax, you might see some traces of oily prints on your floors though! Beach & Dog Co’s Paw Grip is all natural, being made of beeswax, however the feedback is mixed regarding its efficacy — for more advanced cases of leg weakness, you should consider one of the other anti-slip solutions below.

Non-stick paw grip stickers

Stickers are available to stick onto your dog’s paws to increase its grip. They come as one piece per paw, but I find they stay on better when they’re cut into 5 individual pieces. They will still come off eventually with wear. There are also kits like PawFriction that apply a non-slip, non-toxic coating directly to the paws to help increase traction.

Rubber Toenail caps like Dr Buzby’s Toegrips slip over each nail and provide grip. However make sure you find your right size, or else they’ll come off too easily. Another similar option could be to try Dr Henry’s Toe Treads, which are caps that you glue to two nails of each paw. However both only work if your dog allows you to handle their paws often!

Yoga mats and carpet runners

Cover the areas your dog likes to frequent in your home with yoga mats or non-slip runners, giving them a runway to walk over. These can be placed on hardwood or tile floors to provide your dog with a soft and secure walking surface. Both yoga mats and carpet runners can be purchased in a variety of sizes and lengths, making them a flexible and affordable solution.

Vet wrap

I love using cohesive gauze Vet / Pet Wrap because it stays on the best, but eventually they do come off with use. In any case, it’s always good to remove them at night to let the paws be free to breathe.

Non-slip socks and booties

I personally have not had success with non-slip socks or booties as they always slip off (despite trying several sizes!), but this probably depends on the physiology of the paw. It might help to roll the tops of the socks down to tighten it, and many boots have a cinchable velcro belt at the top too. Make sure you give your dog some time to get used to walking with these, as they may be uncomfortable at first.

Maintain short nails

Long nails prevent your dog’s paws from fully touching the floor, making surfaces slippery for them. Keeping your dog’s nails short means their paw pads will benefit fully from their natural grippiness.

Last words on providing paw grips

In conclusion, there are many ways to help senior dogs from slipping on floors. Whether you choose to use non-slip mats, carpet runners, booties or nail caps, there is a solution that can work for you and your furry friend. By taking steps to address this issue, you can help your dog maintain their balance and mobility, and enjoy a happy and healthy life together.

Disclaimer: The above post contains affiliate links to products that have been deemed helpful by myself or others in the dog parenting community. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases resulting from these links, to help me support this blog.

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